Andrea Kim

Android Application Developer and Chicagoan

Chicago photo background, image from Unsplash


Eager to learn

I am always learning. One of the main reasons I chose to become an Android developer is so that I can continually push myself, learn new things, and build things that matter. Android Development is the future of mobile technology and I aim to be an innovator in that space.


Team Player

I have varied experiences, skills and talents and a background as unique as a fingerprint. I work well with all kinds of people and cultures. I love to work hard but also like to enjoy time with friends and family. I believe everyone needs a balanced life to maintain their best performance in their work.


Valuable Skills

I am a skilled professional who loves her work. My skills vary from the practical (i.e. Java, XML, Git, Android Studio, etc) to the intangible (management, cooperation, communication, etc). I am able to identify and solve problems while building strong relationships.

A team player who will always be ready for anything - flexible, adaptible and approachable
photo of Andrea in Hawaii

Capstone Project: KK's Pet Sitting Client App

Screens of KK's Pet Sitting app, background image from Unsplash

Built in a span of 10 days. App designed for clients of KK's Pet Sitting to be able to update information, schedule appointments/visits for their pets, and email the company. I will eventually build in the functionality to watch dog walks in progress and even talk to their pets via live video chat. In "Alpha Test" stage on the Google Play Store.

Other Projects


Concert Concierge

Team project in Android Development Immersive class, with 3 team members. App shows concerts going on for a specific geolocation (Songkick API), along with weather (Open Weather Map API) and a small map, which is clickable to go to Google Maps for directions (Google Maps API). I would like to also include restaurant suggestions via Yelp API as well.


Chicago Trivia App

Single view app with some Chicago true/false trivia questions. Currently has only 10 questions but will expand to a database using either SQLite or (preferably) Firebase & JSON. It will be updated and improved in the coming weeks. In "Alpha Test" stage on the Google Play Store.

An experienced professional who is efficient and reliable, and able to communicate effectively with all levels of an organization.
Photo taken in Kanab, Utah while at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary